Veterinary Services

Cats On Call Hospital

Expert feline care tailored to your cat’s unique needs. From preventive medicine to house calls and convenient drop-off service. Discover why cat owners choose our clinic for their beloved pets.

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Give Your Cat the Gift of Good Health

Our cat-only vet believes every cat deserves treatment from a doctor who understands felines’ unique concerns. Many cats face species-specific ailments that only a feline veterinarian can treat. That’s why it’s well worth your time to bring your kitty to our clinic for regular preventative treatments, as well as general health consultations.

To ensure you and your cat are as comfortable as possible during your visit, we’ve furnished our waiting area and examination rooms with window views, warm towels, and special treats. Count on our veterinarians to make your cat feel calm and safe during any treatment or examination, and discover why so many local cat owners visit our office to take advantage of our stress-free atmosphere.

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Veterinary Services

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Cat Wellness Exams

Thorough wellness exams for feline vitality and peace of mind at Cats on Call Hospital.

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Feline Dentistry

Comprehensive feline dentistry for healthy cat smiles at Cats on Call Hospital.

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Feline Sick Exams

Specialized care for sick cats with compassionate exams at Cats on Call Hospital.

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Feline Surgery

Advanced feline surgery for optimal health and recovery at Cats on Call Hospital.

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Feline Vaccinations

Essential feline vaccinations for lifelong protection at Cats on Call Hospital.

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Behavioral and Nutritional Consults

Comprehensive behavioral and nutritional consults for thriving feline companions at Cats on Call Hospital.

feline urgent care

Cat Urgent Care

Prompt cat urgent care for immediate medical attention at Cats On Call Hospital.

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Feline Grooming

Professional cat grooming services for a healthy and stylish feline at Cats on Call Hospital.