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As a cat owner, you may be familiar with the challenges of bringing your cat to a traditional veterinary clinic. Dogs, birds, and the occasional exotic pet may add stress and fear to your cat’s appointment. At our exclusive feline-exclusive hospital, you’ll enjoy care from a compassionate team that specializes in the feline experience, making it easier to bring your cat in for regular care. If you feel your cats would be more comfortable having our cat-whispering team come to them, please request one of our convenient house calls. Let us make you and your cat more comfortable.

At Cats On Call, your cat’s well-being is our number one priority, and our goal is to make sure your cat is as happy and healthy as possible. Our cat hospital strives to stay current with the latest advances in feline care. We can treat your cat with industry-trusted techniques and treatments. Turn to us for reliable care, even on a budget.

Veterinary Services in Scarborough, Maine

Though some believe that cats are low-maintenance pets, the reality is that cats can have just as many health concerns as humans. They need regular checkups, vaccinations, and even dental care to keep their teeth healthy. 

Cat Wellness Exams

Protecting your cat from age-related health problems is easier with preventative medicine advice from our vets.

Feline Dentistry

Oral pain is the most common type of pain we see in cats, and 80% of cats have dental disease by age 3. 

Feline Sick Exams

A full examination is crucial in detecting underlying issues that your cat may be hiding.

Feline Surgery

All cats undergoing general anesthesia receive a comprehensive physical exam and screening testing to determine a safe anesthetic plan. Patients are monitored by a dedicated veterinary technician throughout the procedure. Each patient receives a unique anesthesia plan to maximize anesthetic safety.


Meet The Staff

At Cats on Call in Scarborough, Maine, we understand that you and your cat are likely feeling some apprehension at the idea of visiting a clinic. You can count on our team to help your furry friend feel better. We care about your comfort, and we take steps to ensure your cat feels completely at ease in our comfortable facility, no matter the reason for your visit.


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