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Discover heartwarming testimonials from satisfied clients of Cats on Call Hospital. From life-saving treatments to moments of genuine connection, these testimonials highlight the dedication and expertise that make Cats on Call Hospital a trusted choice for feline healthcare. Join our satisfied community and experience the difference firsthand. Explore our testimonials and witness the positive impact Cats on Call Hospital has had on the lives of cats and their loving families.

After visiting Cats on Call Hospital and experiencing our exceptional feline care, we kindly request you to share your thoughts and review your experience. Your feedback helps us continuously improve and provide the best service possible to our valued clients and their furry companions. We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing about your visit to Cats on Call Hospital. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted veterinary care provider.

Cats on Call has been so incredibly amazing. My 15yo baby kitty had been sick, showed signs of improvement, then took a sudden turn for the worse. I both called and emailed Cats on Call in a panic on a Tuesday night around 8pm. Given the severity of my cat’s situation, they got back to me first thing Wednesday morning, and were at my house that afternoon. Unfortunately my kitty had developed some serious health problems that either our previous vet missed or that came on very suddenly. We ended up losing our baby girl, who we had had in our lives since she was a month old. But Cats on Call helped us say goodbye to her in the most comforting manner. I cannot stress enough how wonderful each staff member I’ve dealt with has been.
This is definitely my go-to hospital for her litter mate who is still with us. We just had a wellness check for him today and I am so pleased with how thorough the vet was! My previous vet never gave us any details about our cats’ health, but Cats on Call explained everything in detail. Both the vet and the tech were great. They took my cat’s health very seriously.

TL,DR: House calls can be pricey but the in depth care and individual attention they provide is so worth it! ❤️

Karissa C.

The vets and staff at Cats on Call are exceptional. They cared for my sick cat with care every time I called or we visited. My cat had a number of medical issues and they were always responsive, expert in their knowledge, and compassionate.

Bob L.

I was referred to this vet by a friend after the quality of my local animal hospital declined, and I felt like they were not treating my two cats with the care and concern they once did.
Dr Kris is so knowledgeable and experienced with cats. She tells it like it is and is always looking after what’s best for the felines in the family.
Her entire staff is kind and welcoming. I highly recommend them.

Irene B.